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Michele Anne has over 20 years of event planning, sales, accounting and marketing experience. She has planned and worked trade shows, vendor fairs, weddings, book signings, rallies, art shows,and numerous other events. She is also an ordained minister and enjoys officiating marriages. Throughout the years, Michele has worked and/or coordinated events for historical hotels and banquet facilities, trade unions, marketing companies, restaurant owners, non-profits, groups, sports teams, bestselling authors, world-renowned holistic practitioners, Grammy-nominated musicians, and entrepreneurs.

Michele is more than a “Booth Babe“. As a Brand Ambassador with a magnetic personality she has represented numerous well-known products including Good Gear Athletic Apparel, Kashi, Boars Head, L’Oréal, and Proctor & Gamble in grocery stores, specialty stores, festivals, concerts, golf tournaments, expos and trade shows. She learns all that she can about the products she is representing so she can answer questions and close the sale.

Michele offers marketing, organizing, tutoring, event planning and staffing services, life coaching, editing, and business launching services for nice business owners and artisans. Michele is passionate about helping business owners and service providers grow their brands and establish their presence in the market. Partnering with someone to grow their dream is what she loves. By fostering business relationships built on dedication, trust and mutual respect goals can be met and dreams can be built. So, what are you creating? There may be hundreds of people offering the same service or similar product, but each individual is unique. It is our uniqueness which we bring to the table that makes our service or product shine. By working with Michele Anne you can formulate a plan so you can do what you love and be successful doing it. Is your business being found online? There are many free and/or inexpensive ways to increase traffic to your website and build your online presence. Michele can work with you to help potential clients find your business.

Are you participating in a trade show or expo? Regardless of the event size or location, Michele will work with you to maximize your investment and presence. She loves to travel, knows how to use power tools and will work with you so you can have a dynamic presence without spending a fortune on staffing and by minimizing costs. If need be, you can usually fit what is needed in a small van or jeep.

Through her work with holistic wellness professionals, Michele has learned that wellness plays a huge part in being successful in business. Building our dream brings about its own set of stresses and situations that can reek chaos on our body, mind and spirit. This website will also share ideas and info about those body, mind and spirit wellness techniques that can help you improve your health and ultimately your business.

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Be well and DO WHAT YOU LOVE.